Goshin Jutsu (Self Defence)

GOSHIN JUTSU (Self Defence)

We address street awareness and its role in both Ninjutsu and self-protection on the streets.Learning how to read your environment before putting yourself at danger! reading body language,using your own body language and verbal communication for self-protection, it should be clearly understood that physical techniques are of no value without training in awareness and having a good attitude to personal safety.


Goshin Jutsu techniques are simple and very effective.

• Aware of your Environment

• Defence and offence techniques

• Ground techniques

• Baton – Short stick

• Unarmed Defence against Knife Attacks

• Hand Gun disarm techniques

and much more..

“If you do something and it saves your life, it was good taijutsu. In a real fight, you aren’t worried about what’s pretty.”

Masaaki Hatsumi